Cynthia Frampton, LVN &Massage Therapist


Cynthia Frampton, LVNI have dedicated my life to caring for others. I was a bedside nurse for 44 years in hospitals, convents and schools. I have assisted in the birth of over 1000 babies, and have sat beside hundreds of people at the time of their death. My specialty over the past 15 years has been providing care for handicapped children in schools and homes. Twenty three years ago I discovered massage as a way of personal healing from the exhaustion and fatigue of my nursing career and was so impressed by the transformation, I became a massage practitioner myself. To that practice I have added the use of healing herbs and oils. My knowledge of disease processes, pain relief, and health restorative lifestyles, has been of great benefit to my clients.

Handcrafted Oils:
Each summer I gather local Sonoma County herbs, some of which are: St. Johns Wort, Comfrey, Calendula, Mugwort and Passion Flower to infuse into a coconut oil base for my massage oil blend. This oil is very healing and soothing. I also use a variety of doTerra essential oils, the highest grade available on the market for external or internal use.